My Bucket list for year 2013

  • To start my IT Startup :
    It’s been my dream for a long time and I am eager to make it true.
  • To be more logical than emotional :
    I have been feeling that I was more emotional than being logical. Most of the times, whenever there was an incident which had to do something with my life, it was emotion that had the dominance over my intelligence and logic. In almost the every self-help book that I have read, one of the hot topics was about handling emotions in daily life. And it was the area where I was worst in. So as a New year experiment I am going to deal with that.
  • Trip to The great Himalayas :
    The Himalayas have been always the part of Indian culture. Ever since the day I heard about it through the stories of the Mahabharata and  Ramayana, I was wishing to visit this place. Just want to walk through its valleys.
  • Read 50 books this year :
    I always had a lot of books that got as gifts from my parents. I stopped reading later on, and recently started reading again. And now I have a list of books that I would like to read, which is around 50.
  • 3 Blog entry per week :
    I would really like to do 3 blog entries per week, no particular reason.
  • Complete eye donation formalities :
    This has been a wish for a long time. A wish to live in this world even after my death.
  • Visit places in India which admire the most :
    It’s been a long time since I have bitten by this travel bug, so decided to make it true this year. Wants to travel alone through places in India which I always dreamt of visiting (With a good Camera, of course).
  • Create a Free Software application :
    I am a big fan of Free Software and Richard Stalman, I have always been benefited from Free Software so I thought this is the time for me to give something back to the society.
  • Write and publish a book :
    I have no idea whether I will be able to fulfill this wish, but I still I want to make a try. Something is better than nothing, right ?
  • Learn to cook :
    My parents cook very well and I am a big fan of theirs, and wants to learn cooking them from (at least the basic things  😉 ).
  • Become financially independent :
    This might be wish which I would really like to make true for the coming year. Being 25 years old and still depending on parents for a living, I need to change that.
  • Do a sky dive :
    I am scared but still I want to do this, I know that there is no guaranty that I will be alive after doing this.
  • Set a Good Library at Home :
    Already Started working on it, hopefully I can complete it soon 🙂
  • Learn Tamil
  • To meet Ruskin Bond

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