A House shifting and some feelings

Shifted to a new house at Bangalore and it is my second house here. It is hardly 4 months since I came here to this city and now am in my second house. Yeah, it is a new house and a fresh start as I always had, but how far I am adjusting with that? Each house shifting was related with difficulties and some times a little happiness for me. It is always difficult to leave the surroundings that you were accustomed to and to move out and abandon the places of your comfort zone.

All that waiting in my new home was new things and surprises, as it always did. It had something new to show and they were the things that I was always looking forward  to. I was grasped with some kind of curiosity to know the new things out there which were unexpected.

It was my 9th or 10th house shifting ever since I remember. We were shifting houses often for various reasons. There always had some good and bad experiences associated with each shifting. To leave the people who were closest to me was always difficult but I had to go, I had to go on with my life, to meet new people and to have new friends. As I remember we had a house near to a hill, which was very beautiful. And it was during one of those days I saw one peacock near my room. And that was an awesome experience, which was one of my best memories about that house. Each shifting had left a handful of memories like this.

So I am looking forward curiously for the surprises here and to have good memories for the next time.


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