For the sake of humanity, can’t we do something humane ?

Peace and Love
Peace and Love

It was Republic Day in India yesterday and it should have been a happy day for me but I wasn’t feeling in that way. Instead I had a strange mix of feelings.

Had a chance to watch the movie ‘Border’ yesterday. Yeah, it was showing heroic efforts of Indian soldiers in a past war with Pakistan. I admire their courage and efforts but still I had this question in mind, why do these soldiers have to die for a war that was created by some freaky war lord minded people? ( Yes, I do love my country and I am not against my country. I am saying it in general, whether it be between India-Pakistan or Palestine-Israel or Iraq-America etc ) when these people use patriotism to cover their selfish acts, to cover the acts that are solely beneficial to them, while some innocent children, citizen and soldiers have to suffer. Why do we have to suffer this unnecessary bloodshed when we all can coexist in this world in harmony loving each other.

It is a sad thing to divide and fight in name of gods and religions when each of these religions are teaching us to love and help each others and to reach the supreme power through it. Isn’t it a great pain to  watch the agony of common people to struggle for their existence. And to see the children die of hunger when we are capable of preventing it.

Why do we need all these violence, brutality? Where are we heading to? Aren’t we ashamed to say that we are human?

Come on, do some thing, do some thing to make this world a little better place to live before we leave this world.

Love you all and JAI HIND 🙂


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